Frequently Asked Questions

What does "unlimited" really mean?

We really mean unlimited when we say this. Essentially, there are no limits to the number of videos that we’ll edit for you during a subscription month. Feel free to send us as many videos as you need edited and we’ll work on them one at a time like a conveyor belt.

Wait a minute, this sounds way too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There isn’t one, as long as you are still subscribed to our service, we’ll continue to work on editing your videos until you pause your account with us. This is essentially the best way to kick start your video content efforts without any bill shock associated with hiring a freelance video editor.

What if I sent you 100 video editing requests in one go?

That’s completely fine! We’ll basically add the videos to a work queue and then work on them one at a time until they are all completed. As long as you are still subscribed to us, we’ll continue to edit your videos.

How does this all work?

Our process is actually super simple. When you have video footage that you want edited, just upload it to your own cloud storage, such as DropBox or Google Drive. Send us the link to that footage as well as information on how you wish for us to edit the video, any content or text you want, and relevant style guides. We’ll edit and send you the completed video within 24-48 hours (depending on complexity).

How long does it take to get a video edited and sent back to me?

The goal is to stay within the time frame provided on the subscription plan you are on. Do note that the complexity of the request may blow out the time frame, and as such, the estimated time of completion will be more important, as this is how we can keep you informed of what we are doing in the background.

What is a time quote?

Instead of giving a quote on costs for each video edit, we’ll provide a time quote. This is essentially an estimated time of completion for the video edit.

Are there any long term contracts?

No, we will never lock you into any type of contract. This essentially means you can jump on for a single month and then cancel after you have completed all your video edits.

I have multiple brands, can you cater for this?

Most definitely, you can send work in from any brand you have. The work will go into the same work queue, and we’ll work on it one at a time according to the priority that you have set for us.

What if we need the edit immediately?

Although we are very fast with our edits, our minimum turnaround time is 24 hours. This is largely because the time required to download raw footage, render it, and upload the edited video just takes time, which we can’t really control (unless lightning-fast internet exists, which it currently doesn’t). Due to these factors, we’d rather manage our client expectations to a minimum of 24 hours turnaround time.

Do you work on weekends?

No, we hang out with our friends and family, recharge, and then get back into it on Monday.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, the only fee you’ll be paying is the monthly subscription fee for the relevant plan. We will never charge you extra for a design request or revision.

Will you suddenly charge us per hour?

No, we will never do this. The only fee you’ll pay is the monthly subscription fee.

What type of work do you cover?

If it is classified as video editing, we’ll be able to do it. This essentially includes colour grading, special effects, subtitles (if the text is provided), adding transitions, slide shows, cutting raw footage down, adding music, adding text, and much more. If you are concerned about something, feel free to contact us or use our live chat service.

What type of work is NOT covered?

We don’t do things that are not considered video editing. For example, animation work, custom illustrations, graphic design, 3d work, creative work, storyboarding If you are concerned about something, feel free to contact us or use our live chat service.

Who owns the work that is completed?

You own all the work produced by us. We will not have any copyright over the work and, as such, will be able to provide you with the entire source file if you require this.

Can you adhere to my brand/style guides?

Yes, most definitely! We’ll be able to work according to your brand guide, apply your logo to your video and have the text and imagery that we use on the edit match exactly how your brand dictates.

How about animation work?

We can help with simple animation work, but if you are looking for something more complex like a full cartoon or a complex explainer video, we will not be able to help as that falls outside our video editing capabilities.

I don’t want to keep repeating myself, will my editor keep changing?

To prevent this from happening, we’ll assign a dedicated account manager to your account. This account manager is tasked with understanding everything about your brand, your requirements and needs. For every video, the account manager will check to ensure it is all up to scratch before sending it over to you, reducing the back and forth you may have with multiple freelancers.

What if the video edit is not what I want?

You are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions as long as you are still subscribed to us. This means you can change things up as many times as you want. We’ll keep working until you are 100% happy with the end result.

What do you mean by unlimited revisions?

Much like the unlimited video edits, we do mean unlimited. That is, there are no limits to the number of changes we do for your video. We’ll keep working until you are 100% happy with the end result.

Ok I’m ready to sign up, what’s next?

That’s great news! After you sign up, you’ll be sent a welcome email which will detail how you can send your edit requests, the briefing template as well as other relevant information to get you started immediately.

How quickly can I start after I sign up?

You can start sending us video editing requests immediately. As long as it is during our business hours, we’ll start working on your work as soon as we get it!

Can I share my account with my friends?

You most definitely can. Keep in mind that we will work on a single work queue for your entire account. This means that if your friends start sending work in, we’ll need to queue accordingly, which may delay your own work.

I work for a video production agency, can I sell your service?

YES! If anything, this is a key way for people to use us. For example, wedding videographers can create stunning video work. However, they may not have the time to do the editing themselves. As such, we can jump in and make the edits, saving them time and money while they concentrate on the content itself.

I’m not happy with the work, what can I do?

This can happen to the best of us. Having said that, with the unlimited revision promise, you can request as many changes as you need to ensure the work meets your requirements. In the event we are unable to deliver this, please raise this with your account manager and they may change the video editor on your account to see if the direction changes and meets your standards.

I’m not happy with my account manager, what do I do?

If this happens, you can contact our founder directly at [email protected]. Our goal is to make you happy so we’ll make some adjustments to the team if necessary to keep your account.

Can you provide a refund if I’m not happy?

For all new subscribers, we provide a 14 day money back guarantee. That is, if you are not 100% happy with the work, us or the service, you can request a full refund, no questions asked. This is an industry first and essentially unheard of in the creative industry.